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What and Why the Health Knowledge Blog?

The Health Knowledge Blog is a Knowledge Blog for descriptive, tutorial and explanatory material about key skills, methods, topics and experiences in the Health field in particular Public Health and Public Health Intelligence communities and organizations. It is one of a suite of K-blogs (Ontogenesis; Taverna and Bioinformatics) that aim to provide a lightweight way of publishing scientific, academic and technical knowledge on the web to suit the needs of the different communities.

The Health Knowledge Blog, funded by JISC, has been supported by the NW Public Health Intelligence and Commissioning Communities to create a process and resource that could be used for:

1. organisational memory capture

Often persons leave organisations and their knowledge goes too!  A K-blog can provide a useful, but informal way of collecting explicit and tacit knowledge, so that it stays within the organisation.

2. dissemination of training material

Building on the Face-to-Face training programme, the subject areas that were covered and the materials produced will be made available online in different formats.

3. gray publishing

This is for literature that is important in your organisation, but is not ‘formally’ published.  Examples would include: technical reports; working papers, and internal analysis reports, meeting and workshop experiences and opinions.

The Health K-blog is in its initial stages and we hope for this resource to grow alongside and complement the Public Health e-Lab that we are also developing in conjunction with the community, through contributions from the community in the NHS, Local Authorities and academia.  You could quickly publish initial findings, methods used for a specific piece of work to a wide community.

The initial posts are now available, or as an ordered table of contents.

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