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Provenance and Intermediate Results

on December 13, 2010 by Ian Dunlop in Features of Taverna, Comments (0)

Motivation Provenance is all about remembering the past. What you did, why you did it and when it happened. In a scientific context you may need to provide results […]


Functional Genomics in Taverna

on by Katy Wolstencroft in Case Studies, Comments (0)

Functional genomics exploits the large wealth of biological information that is now available in the post-genomics era in order to understand functional processes (e.g. transcription, translation, protein-protein interaction etc) […]


Domain services and Shim Services

on by Katy Wolstencroft and Robert Stevens in Features of Taverna, Comments (2)

Conceptually, there are two different types of services used in Taverna; domain services and shim or “helper” services. Domain services perform a scientific function. These services are generally provided […]


Nested workflows

on by Alexandra Nenadic in Features of Taverna, Comments (1)

A nested workflow is a workflow within a workflow. A nested workflow is just another kind of service that can be added to a Taverna workflow, except that instead […]


Components for Designing and Executing Workflows

on December 10, 2010 by Katy Wolstencroft in Introduction, Comments (1)

This K-Blog is a practical handbook for those interested in building scientific workflows with Taverna [1]. It is a guide to designing, building and executing workflows as well as […]